I'm here to help you achieve the best health of your life. I offer personalized dietary and lifestyle consultations at my office, over the phone, via Skype® or Google Hang Outs®.

Together, we'll employ two powerful tools -- vegetable juicing and food combining principals -- that will improve your health and well being in ways you must experience to believe. This powerful twosome will help you reveal what I call your Inner Guru. In addition to reclaiming your health, as well as experiencing energy, clarity of mind, and creativity levels that may be new to you, you'll also discover your true essence!

In consultations, we'll discuss your current food choices and lifestyle habits. We'll then decide what steps you can take immediately to improve your health. My approach is gradual, taking your journey to vibrant good health just one step at a time. Each of my suggestions will be targeted to you and your personal goals. If and when you feel ready, we can try some big leaps, and I'll be there to provide expert advice and act as your safety net!

In addition to dietary principals, we'll discuss menu ideas and healthier food options, exercise, lymphatic dry brushing, safe hygiene products, and more – all of which are designed to work together to enhance your well being.

If you're part of a professional organization -- an athletic team or gym, yoga, dance, or acting studio -- and are interested in securing a group rate, please contact me to discuss the options available.

Your best health starts here, and I can't wait to show you just how much say you have in how outstanding your own life can be! 

I am here to support and encourage you on the path to a healthier lifestyle and look forward to working with you. Let me support your pursuit of feeling more energy, joy, & vitality in your life with the most expert and personalized dietary consultations LA has to offer! The Guru Is YOU! - Joyce Rockwood, CCH