Colonics LA


A colonic, or colon hydrotherapy treatment, is a gentle bathing of your colon, also known as the large intestine. Your colon measures 5-7 feet in length and contrary to popular belief, is not a hollow tube.

It is a very sponge-like organ that can absorb a tremendous volume of unnecessary gaseous and solid waste matter over time. At some point, this waste matter can potentially create responses in your body that are contrary to an elevated state of health and thus begin to undermine the quality of health you experience including the potential longevity of your life.


In my experience, I have found that colonics, a plant-based diet, and holistic lifestyle choices provide the best method for healing and cleansing our bodies and for preventing illness and disease. I'd love for you to understand that the colon does not function separately from the rest of your body. In fact, the state of the colon's tissue actually impacts the performance of all other organ function. A bowel overloaded with accumulated gas and waste, toxicity, and inflammation diminishes the function of other organs and systems in our bodies thus creating an opportunity for symptoms and disease to manifest.

Bathing the colon can be likened to the practice of shampooing our hair, clipping our nails, brushing our teeth, swabbing our ears, and bathing our skin. In other words, the body is not a self-cleaning oven. In my experience, colon hydrotherapy is the missing link to human health. Although the results from the work are typically cumulative, often my clients respond with immediate relief from long-time physical and emotional suffering after their first treatment. It is my pleasure to watch them take control of their health and find emotional freedom by implementing colon therapy and simple dietary practices that - in tandem - are designed to enhance and secure their health long-term.


When our body is overwhelmed with toxins, it will seek ways to relieve itself by creating a symptom such as: acne, asthma, eczema, migraines, numbness, fever, colds, sinus infections, anxiety, depression, fatigue, and organ failure. This is our body's way of communicating that help is required to empty the waste basket in order to function without further supression. If the waste and pollutants do not get eliminated from our blood stream, they travel and accumulate in other systems: nervous, respiratory, lymphatic, muscular, reproductive, and skeletal. When the pollutants are removed from our body, as through the implementation of a colonic, lightness occurs, systems function, blood flows more efficiently, symptoms resolve, and supreme health and joy are experienced. With the application of colonics, a gradual shift in eating habits, and careful consideration of the level of health we previously fostered, we can relieve minor symptoms and potentially heal life-threatening ailments. Over time (and often immediately after a session) you will experience mental clarity, increased energy, improved vision, good digestion, reduced inflammation, and a balanced nervous system.


We pair dietary suggestions with colonics because we want you experience the best possible results. Simply including fresh vegetable juices and food combining principles (see the "Food Combining Chart" under Colon Therapy Wisdom) into your lifestyle will help your body loosen the gas and waste, not only in the colon, but in your whole body - and please know that these simple tools truly yield astounding results! The colon hydrotherapy treatments support your cleansing by rinsing the loosened waste out of your body. This can be likened to doing a load of laundry: Consider your fresh pressed juices and healthier food combining habits acting like "soap" inside your body. They loosen toxicity. We would never do a load of laundry and consider removing our clothing from the washer before the rinse cycle took place. We want to make sure the rinse cycle has a chance to wash away the grime that's been lifted from the threads. In other words, your colonic is the rinse cycle to your wash cycle!


I am proud to have trained two gifted colon therapists, Christy Park, CCH, and Breanna Wood, CCH, both who have unique backgrounds, are warm and professional, and are educated in a variety of perspectives on the cleansing lifestyle. We have first hand knowledge about the power and impact of the work through personal experience with our own bodies. My colon hydrotherapists are truly dedicated to making sure your experience is thorough and you are well-received. They practice a lifestyle that is in alignment with the suggestions we offer. They are here to support you to take an active and educated role in your own wellness thus discovering a whole new level of health you may never knew existed!


We will help champion your pursuit of feeling more energy, joy, & vitality in your life with the most expert Gravity Colonics LA has to offer! We are here to support and encourage you on the path to a healthier lifestyle and look forward to working with you. The Guru Is YOU! - Joyce Rockwood, CCH